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AI Training


AI-Wizardy is a leading artificial intelligence training program designed to unveil the deep secrets and possibilities of AI for anyone interested. This training program provides a peek into the mysterious world of AI, often obscured by its technical complexity.

Our focus is to make artificial intelligence easily understandable and approachable, regardless of your background. We are committed to providing artificial intelligence training that equips you with the tools and knowledge to harness the power of AI in your everyday life and business advancement.

Whether you’re a beginner in AI or an advanced expert, AI-Wizardy’s artificial intelligence training is your path to a deeper understanding and mastery of the AI field.

A.I. Basics
Take an exploration into artificial intelligence!

2h training
1-3 people
495 +VAT
  • Introduction to A.I.
  • Investigating A.I. of Your Choice
  • Training in Artificial Intelligence
  • A.I. Exercises
  • A.I. Suitable for Business Operations
  • Materials

AI Boost:
Practical AI skills

3h training
4-10 people
1195 +VAT
  • Introduction to A.I.'s
  • A.I. Exercises to Discover Potential
  • Training A.I. for Your Business
  • Collaborating and Harnessing the Power of Various AI Technologies
  • Automation of A.I.'s
  • Customization for Business Use
  • Materials

AI Custom:

What Do You Need AI Training For?
  • Contact us for a fully customized AI training experience!
  • Do you need help with GPT-4 and its plugins?
  • Do you need assistance with other AI applications?
  • "Integrating Open API into Your Operations
  • Other AI's
  • Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
  • Simplifying Sales with Artificial Intelligence
  • Project Management with Artificial Intelligence
  • Others

We offer AI training, among other things, for the following:

"The training was excellent overall and exceeded our expectations. One interesting aspect was that we had different skill levels in the training, but that was not a problem. On the contrary, it enabled personalized learning and ensured that each participant received information that was specifically relevant to them. The Furian team was able to tailor the training to be beneficial for both beginners and advanced learners."


Why is the use of artificial intelligence important?

When considering artificial intelligence in business, you’ll notice it offers several key advantages that can revolutionize your company’s competitiveness and success. Why is artificial intelligence training essential?

  1. Efficiency and productivity: Artificial intelligence enables the automation of routine tasks, freeing up more time for strategic planning and business growth.

  2. Top-notch customer service: Thanks to virtual assistants and chatbots, we can provide our customers with continuous and personalized service.

  3. Personalized marketing: Artificial intelligence accurately maps customer data and generates targeted recommendations, deepening customer relationships and enhancing marketing strategies.

  4. Effective forecasting: It’s not just prediction; AI improves inventory management and provides an accurate picture of market trends.

  5. Quality control: Real-time production monitoring and the detection of quality issues are now easier than ever before with AI.

  6. Cost-effectiveness: Process automation not only improves efficiency but also saves costs.

  7. Competitive advantages: Embracing artificial intelligence means a leading position in the ever-changing markets.

  8. Business opportunities: New innovations, such as data analytics services, become part of the business strategy.

  9. Risk management: Proactive analysis through artificial intelligence ensures a secure business environment.

  10. Customer satisfaction: Better service quality and speed lead to loyal customers.

AI in business is not just technology; it’s a strategy that takes your company to the next level. Don’t fall behind – train yourself and your team in the possibilities of artificial intelligence now!

Target Audiences FOR A.I. TRAINING


Artificial intelligence training is designed for those who have not previously been familiar with artificial intelligence. It provides the fundamental knowledge and skills that beginners can use to step into the world of artificial intelligence.

Non-technical backgrounds:

Artificial intelligence training is particularly beneficial for those without a strong technical background. It explains artificial intelligence concepts and applications in an understandable manner, so that anyone can make use of them.

Business Professionals:

Our artificial intelligence training offers business professionals the opportunity to learn how artificial intelligence can enhance business efficiency, marketing, and decision-making. It helps them harness the potential of artificial intelligence within their organization.


The versatility of the training based on participants' backgrounds:

We understand that participants’ backgrounds and goals may vary significantly. That’s why our artificial intelligence training is flexible and adaptable. You can focus on your own interests and goals, and we provide the necessary tools and support.

How artificial intelligence training can be organized:

Duration of the training: 2 hours

Who is the training suitable for:

  • Beginners: No prior technical background or knowledge of artificial intelligence is required.

  • Business Professionals: Interested in leveraging AI for business growth.

Highlights of the training:

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence? A clear and easily understandable explanation of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

  2. Applications of Artificial Intelligence – Practical examples of how AI can be utilized in various industries.

  3. Artificial Intelligence and Business – How AI can enhance business efficiency and decision-making.

  4. Artificial Intelligence in Practice – Demo examples and practical exercises on the application of artificial intelligence.

  5. Discussion and Networking – Opportunity to discuss AI-related ideas and challenges with other participants.

Benefits of the training:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.
  • Ideas for leveraging artificial intelligence in business.
  • Skills to participate in discussions and decision-making related to artificial intelligence.

Additional Information:

This 2-hour training provides a solid foundation for diving into the world of artificial intelligence. Whether you are a beginner or a business professional, this course will help you understand the significance and potential of artificial intelligence. Join us and take the first step towards conquering the world of artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence training and understanding the potential of it

AI training revolutionizes business in many ways: chatbots enhance customer service, forecasts optimize production, automation streamlines marketing and HR processes, and RPA reduces routine tasks. Efficiency is achieved by combining human expertise with AI analytics. For more information on how AI supports daily tasks, you can find it in this article.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make AI understandable and accessible regardless of your previous background.

Yes, our training is suitable for both beginners and experienced A.I. users Each training is designed based on your skill level. We provide clear and easily digestible materials along with plenty of practical exercises.

AI-Wizardry provides the keys to the world of artificial intelligence, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced practitioner.

Artificial intelligence can help predict sales, automate tasks, improve customer service, optimize websites, and much more. Our training provides you with insights into how artificial intelligence can be beneficial specifically for you.

You can contact Aama by emailing aama@furia.fi or by calling +358 40 503 0807 for more information.

Yes, our artificial intelligence training is flexible and adaptable. You can focus on your own interests and goals, and we provide the necessary tools and support.

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Artificial intelligence

What is GPT-4o?

What is GPT-4o? GPT-4o is the latest version of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer series developed by OpenAI, also known as

Neuraaliverkoston esitys GPT-4 Turbon tekoälyoppimisessa
Artificial intelligence

GPT-4 Turbo update

An introduction to GPT-4 Turbo OpenAI has taken a significant step towards the future of artificial intelligence by launching the