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Furia is a company dedicated to creating visual magic and digital brilliance for brands. Their goal is to help clients stand out and succeed in the digital world.

We create visual magic and digital brilliance.

The digital world is full of competition. Every company strives to stand out and build a strong connection with its target audience. In this competition, Furia stands out as a company that not only creates digital content but also conjures visual magic and digital brilliance.


At the heart of Furia is a clear mission: to create unforgettable brand experiences that inspire and motivate. They don’t see themselves solely as designers or marketers. Furia believes that every brand is like a story that deserves to be told in its own unique way. And they are magicians who bring these stories to life.

Vision of the Future

When we look at the digital landscape, we see an endless sea of opportunities. Furia’s vision is to be at the forefront, leading a team of magicians who create brand experiences that transform the way companies and people engage in the digital world.

A Heart That Beats with Passion

What makes Furia special? 

It’s their heart that beats with a passion to bring joy and inspiration to their clients. They don’t just do the work; they live it. Furia offers its clients unique brand experiences that allow them to shine brighter than ever in the digital landscape.

Who do we have here?

Aama TIkkanen modified What type of company is Furia?

Aama Tikkanen

“Quota Founder”

Someone needs to enable quota fulfillment. That’s why Aama is the Quota Founder.

Aama is known for her extremely colorful sense of humor and for working 24/7.

Emil Thuesen

According to his own words, Emil is the “Quota Bald Guy.”

When Emil enters a room, the light follows – and we’re not just talking about his head!

As the company’s “Quota Bald Guy,” he brings not only brightness but also brilliant ideas with him. The main reason for baldness is incredible ideas that never run out, unlike hair loss.

Veera Forsell

Veera is, in her own words, “our very own mandatory blonde quota!”

Blonde hair? Yes. Stereotypical thoughts? Absolutely not!

Veera, the company’s blonde quota, breaks all stereotypes and brings more to the table than just a great hair color.


Romeo is our ‘quota fuzzball’.

A lot of fur? Too much. Does he crave scratches? All the time!

Romeo ensures that we also receive affection and pleasure. Romeo knows how to bring peace into the midst of busyness and can also take us outside when needed.

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