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Website Optimization and SEO Revamp: The Vilkkisweldings Case Study

Website optimization is crucial for a company’s digital visibility. It not only improves the website’s ranking in search engines but also enhances the user experience.

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Vilkkisweldings Oy faced several digital challenges. Their website was outdated, making it unfriendly for search engines. As a result, organic visitors were scarce, and the company couldn’t maximize its digital potential. Website optimization had been neglected, leading to a lack of online recognition, while competitors had already established a strong presence in search engines.


Website Design: The optimization of Vilkkisweldings Oy’s website began with a redesign of the site. We made the site modern, responsive, and user-friendly. This not only improved the user experience but also enhanced the company’s professional image. Additionally, we integrated social media channels to allow customers to share content and contact the company effortlessly.

Search Engine Optimization: In addition to website optimization, we launched a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign. This included technical SEO, content optimization, and acquiring high-quality backlinks. This strategy ensured that Vilkkisweldings Oy climbed in search results and achieved the desired visibility.


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Organic visitors

Organic Visitors: Over the course of a month, organic visitors increased from 1 to a staggering 78 due to website optimization. This 7700% growth is a significant achievement, especially considering that organic traffic is often high-quality and targeted. This meant that the company gained more visibility and recognition online.

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Organic keywords

Organic Keywords: The company’s visibility in search engines increased significantly, and organic keywords rose from 1 to 20 in relevant topic areas. This 1900% growth in keywords means that the company’s website is now visible for many different search phrases, increasing opportunities to reach a wider audience. Thus, we can conclude that website optimization is crucial.

Customer Visits: Customers not only visit the website but also take action based on it. Several customers mentioned visiting Vilkkisweldings Oy’s premises specifically due to the website and effective search engine optimization. This demonstrates that SEO not only increases visibility but also produces tangible, measurable results.

Why is this important?

Website optimization is the cornerstone of modern business. It not only helps businesses reach new customers but also builds and strengthens brand trust and awareness. The success story of Vilkkisweldings Oy is a testament to how website optimization combined with effective search engine optimization can yield measurable and significant results.

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Aama TIkkanen modified Website Optimization: The Success Story of Vilkkisweldings Oy

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